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How to Add Value with SMS

Group of 5 people texting, casually on their cell phones. Add value with SMS.

In a previous post, we listed our Top 5 Tips for Successful SMS Communication. One of those recommendations was to add value to the customer. But what does this look like? According to Webster, value can be defined as “a fair return or equivalent of goods, services, or money for something exchanged.” In exchange for a customer trusting you with their personal phone number, they are expecting something fair in return. Read on for some real world examples on how to add value with SMS messages.

Last Minute Parking Update

A last minute venue change usually meant a sign hung up on the door. With today’s demanding customers, this just won’t do. Read about how Orlando Shakes was able to offer value to their theatre patrons when a nearby organization had a conflicting event with shared parking. By acting quickly and texting the ticket holders for that evening’s show, patrons were able to access valet parking nearby. There are other ways Orlando Shakes is looking to add more value through text messaging too. By having special offers on patron’s birthday, sending a free drink ticket offer for new patrons, and even a welcome text to new ticket purchasers they are adding value.

Skip the Scan Machine

With standard Mogli SMS functionality, incoming MMS are saved as files inside of Salesforce. For The SOURCE this means their clients can take a picture of a document with their phone and send it in directly without having to access a scanner. Instead of having to find access or pay for a scanner, clients can now send in their information quickly at their convenience. Read more about how The SOURCE adds value to their clients through MMS messaging and real time communication here.

Adding value to your customers should be a priority. Once they’ve trusted you with their personal number, be sure to return the favor and give them a fair return for that trust. Want to learn more about how you can add value with SMS for your customer? Check us out on the AppExchange, or schedule a time to meet with our team.