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Nonprofit Client Highlight: Boston Children’s Theatre

Boston Children's Theatre BCT logo with stars.

For more than 60 years, Boston Children’s Theatre has set the stage for more than one million children to learn, study, and participate in a variety of theatrical performances. Students have the opportunity to embrace and experience all phases of production, from performance to props. Executive Director, Toby Schine, knows that in order to streamline rehearsals, classes, and programs, communication with parents is key. So he contacted Mogli SMS in the fall of 2018 with the aim of finding a reliable, affordable texting solution within Salesforce to better engage with parents.

“Mogli has enabled us to communicate quickly and effectively with our parents. Just this past weekend, sending texts helped us navigate a last minute venue change quickly and efficiently. It’s really great to hear these words, ‘I’m so glad you texted! I didn’t know we could text you.’ And it’s so great to say, ‘Sure you can!’”

Schine and his team are finding more ways to leverage text to better interact with their students, parents, and patrons. They’ll be utilizing Mogli SMS more frequently for 1:1 conversations, post-performance surveys, and text-to-donate. And, because parents are pretty busy shuffling their kids to and from rehearsals and performances, Boston Children’s Theatre wants to utilize Mogli SMS to fire out quick text responses to parent questions like: “What do I bring to rehearsal today?,” or, “Where can I buy tickets!?”

Mogli SMS has only heightened their already stellar impact, garnering the acclaim of Boston Magazine who memorialized the theatre as, “…what a children’s theater company ought to be.”

It take a village to support good theatre. If you’d like to make a contribution to Boston Children’s Theatre, please click here.

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