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Nonprofit Client Highlight: The SOURCE

Nonprofit client highlight: The Source
In this nonprofit client highlight, learn about how The SOURCE is working towards improving employee retention. One person at a time.

The SOURCE is an employee support organization based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally born out of a need for childcare services, local manufacturers came together to work out a solution to increase productivity and reduce turnover. Their goal? To return value to employer partners in tangible ways.

By working with local organizations and businesses, The SOURCE is able to provide support to a workforce that often struggles outside of work. Educational classes, legal assistance, health resources, and many other services are available. They also partner with with the Human Resource directors in each company to establish best practices. As well as function as a networking opportunity for member companies’ CEO’s. Through their many resources and connections, The SOURCE helps alleviate the struggles that inhibit worker success. Ultimately, the Source helps support a stronger workforce in the local community.

Where does Mogli SMS come in?

 “The app has been super helpful in communicating with clients in real time. The SOURCE is a small nonprofit so our staff doesn’t have work cellphones and we rely on phone calls or emails to communicate with clients. Since we got Mogli, we can now text with our clients while maintaining confidentiality and not asking our staff to use their personal cellphones. In addition, it has been great for sharing documents back and forth as many of our clients don’t have a scanner available. They can now just take a picture of a document needed and text us. It also saves our staff time as the file stays in Salesforce and we don’t have to scan it and then add it to the database.” – Erika Gonzalez, Managing Director

We are proud to be a small part of the work that The SOURCE is accomplishing. Here at Mogli SMS our motto is “to do more good”. Meaning, we position ourselves to help great organizations do more good in the world. Click the links below to read about the good work some of our other nonprofit clients are doing.

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