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Nonprofit Client Highlight: Orlando Shakes

Nonprofit client highlight: Orlando Shakes Theater

Since 1989, Orlando Shakes has produced countless classic and contemporary plays for Floridians and visitors alike. Their 30-year legacy is sustained by their exceptional productions and educational programs, garnering the national acclaim of The Wall Street Journal.

Like most performing arts nonprofits, the theater relies on establishing trust and transparency amongst their patrons and donors.  Other than providing an unparalleled entertainment experience, they strongly value honesty and communication. So, the folks at Orlando Shakes reached out to the Mogli SMS team, with the hopes of finding a Salesforce-compatible texting tool to communicate with their patrons and donors more efficiently.

Most recently, a nearby organization hosted a conflicting event in Orlando Shakes’ performance space. Their parking lot filled to capacity before patrons started to arrive for that evening’s performance. The Orlando Shakes team needed to quickly provide alternative parking options for their patrons. Within minutes, they sent patrons a text message offering a valet service and alternate parking options.  By leveraging Mogli SMS, they were able to turn an inconvenience into an opportunity.

They’ve also created an automation in Salesforce that triggers a welcome text to new ticket buyers when they scan their ticket upon entry.  The Orlando Shakes team is finding that Mogli SMS’s capabilities align with their affinity for hospitality, engagement, and community enrichment. Looking forward, the theater is collecting birthday information within Salesforce so that they can text patrons an offer on their special day.  

It’s important that our ticket buyers feel welcomed and seen and Mogli is helping us to accomplish all of that!” –Evan Valle, Box Office Manager

Learn more about Orlando Shakes and show your support here.  Are you a NonProfit on Salesforce?  Are you text messaging yet? Reach out to the Mogli SMS team – we’re always happy to help. 

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