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Announcing Mogli 3.90!

Announcing Mogli SMS 3.90

We’re excited to be announcing Mogli 3.90! The release includes an updated look along with brand new features in conversation view.

  • User-specified text and bubble colors

In the Mogli conversation view, each user can set their own bubble colors. This makes it easier to visually see when different users have texted a contact or lead. Each user can choose their own color from the settings gear at the top of the Mogli conversation view.Announcing Mogli 3.90

  • Avatars for Contacts and Leads

Personalize the conversation view even further by adding an avatar for contacts and leads. The default for the avatar bubble is a contact or leads first and last initial. Anything automatically sent to a user, when using Mogli survey functionality will be defaulted as the Mogli red.

Announcing Mogli 3.90, conversation view

  • Schedule Messages directly from Conversation View

Scheduled messages are even more convenient now, schedule them directly from the conversation view on a contact or lead record. Simply click the calendar icon and schedule the date and time the message should be delivered.

Announcing Mogli 3.90, scheduling messages

  • Character Counter

A character counter now resides in the Mogli conversation view so you can easily see how large of a message will be sent. Why does this matter? In the US, messages are sent in segments, 1 segment is equal to 160 characters. This means that on a regular 10-digit phone number, your messages will deliver at 1 segment per second. Read more about character limits and GSM here on our blog!

Lastly, be sure to access our latest User Guide, published weekly with new updates on our App Exchange page!

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