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Mogli SMS and Financial Services

SMS financial services

Text messaging has become a very trusted form of communication in our society. In fact, when it comes to customer support or promotional offers, most of us prefer to be contacted via SMS. Text messaging continues to have high open, read, and response rates. By adding value to the messages customers receive, companies build trust through SMS communication.

Meeting the customer where they are

The financial services industry has been improving consumer relations by communicating with their customers via SMS. More than 50% of customers prefer to be contacted via text than any other channel.

SMS is more convenient to the customer, and this makes it an invaluable tool to service providers. Mortgage lenders can send reminders via text instead of email, ensuring information is process in a timely manner. Consulting firms can remind clients of upcoming deadlines or meeting times, reducing the time to call and leave a message that may not even get listened to.

Financial institutions can automatically send out appointment reminders and payment deadlines. Customer payment confirmations, transaction verifications, or order status can all be communicated via a channel the customer prefers and trusts.

Since Mogli is a native Salesforce app, we don’t store or have access to any of your data.

Inbound Marketing Use Case

Instead of waiting for customers to call or schedule an appointment, meet them on a channel they prefer. Text messaging.

“Have questions about home loans? Text HOME to 111-222-3333 to connect with a professional loan officer.”

Inbound marketing is a great way to connect with your customers. Inviting your customers to initiate a conversation via text is a great way to build another channel of communication. It is also a best practice when it comes to text messaging compliance.

SMS opt in best practices

SMS and financial services can build value for the customer, but securing opt in consent for text messaging can be intimidating. First, we always recommend running your ideas for text messaging past your legal team. Second, we recommend you secure a double opt in. A double opt in means you reconfirm the initial message.

For example, invite your customers to text in a keyword to your company. This can be done via email, intake form, application, online form, website or other promotion. Have a Salesforce automation send the double opt in message once a customer has texted in. Be sure this message confirms your company name, the number of messages they can expect to receive, the disclosure of possible carrier costs, and the option to opt out of future texts at any time.

We know our stuff but always be sure to check with your legal team prior to sending a text message.

Interested in learning more? Give Mogli SMS a test drive and learn more about Mogli SMS on our AppExchange page!

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