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Why being a native Salesforce app matters

Salesforce native app

Here at Mogli SMS we are very proud to be a native Salesforce app. But what exactly does that mean? And why does that give us a competitive edge? Read on to learn more about why being a native app matters.

Mogli SMS was built on top of Salesforce. Meaning Salesforce is what we know and work on everyday ourselves. Therefore our app looks similar to the rest of your CRM because it’s built directly on top of Salesforce.


 Secure & Stable

As a whole, Salesforce is stable, and is not often down for maintenance or interruptions. As long as Salesforce is working, Mogli SMS will be as well. Salesforce is the worlds number one CRM platform. It has over 150,000 companies that rely on it for their business. This means users will have a consistent stable structure and will be available when you need it to be. Mogli SMS relies on this availability and performance to run properly. Any third-party app comes with its own security protocol and will need to be evaluated prior to putting your customers data in their trust. Mogli SMS doesn’t store your data, everything you do with Mogli is stored on Salesforce and we only have access to that data if you grant us access. Because Salesforce is secure and stable, so is Mogli SMS.


Functional & Flexible

Mogli SMS runs exclusively within Salesforce. This means no clunky connectors, no data transfers, and no third party platforms. By functioning as an extension of Salesforce, Mogli SMS is directly tied to Salesforce when it comes to security or data storage. Because all data is stored in Salesforce, Mogli SMS does not have any access to your messages or data. Mogli SMS also naturally works with any Salesforce capability. Run reports, create automations, and use Salesforce functionality to manage the data you collect with the messages you send. Thanks to being a native Salesforce app, Mogli SMS is more than just a text message.


Being a native Salesforce app is a point of pride here at Mogli SMS. We love what we do. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more!

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