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Nonprofit Client Highlight: Bridges to Prosperity

Nonprofit client highlight: Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity builds footbridges. Simple. Bridges to Prosperity builds connections in rural communities around the world, serving over a million people. Not so simple. In this nonprofit client highlight, learn about the worldwide impact a Denver based organization has on rural communities.


What is Bridges to Prosperity?

B2P operates all around the globe in countries that lack infrastructure in rural areas, impacting communities that benefit the most.

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and we believe that connection is the foundation to opportunities. we work with local communities, partners and foundations, to build footbridges that connect residents to education, health care and economic opportunity. With a sophisticated data collection and evaluation program, we’re able to prove that the value and impact of our work is sustained long after the opening celebration.”

Before beginning a project, B2P gathers data in an in-depth needs assessment. By considering the social, economic, and technical information gathered, B2P can begin to prioritize areas for bridge builds. Through communication and cooperation with all levels of government, they can ensure that they are part of the solution instead of creating more problems.

B2P works in 6 countries with 40 builds around the world every year. With all of these builds, there is a need to gather feedback from the communities. Enter Mogli SMS. While in planning stages, B2P asks the local community how the project will impact their lives. Once a bridge is built, local community members are asked how the build impacted the community and their lives, good or bad.


Where does Mogli SMS come in?

As a consultant, Mogli Technologies was able to build a conglomeration of Salesforce apps that helped B2P work in countries all around the world. By designing a system that can be used in the field, such as TaroWorks, that can be used without a reliable internet source, Mogli Technologies was able to help B2P use Salesforce to support and manage bridge construction all around the world. By working together, the partners were able to do more of what matters around the world.

One of the applications that B2P uses within Salesforce is Mogli SMS. This app helps B2P gather feedback from community members about the bridge. Then the community responds with their experience of building and using the bridge. This data impacts future program decisions and this also helps measure the impact that the efforts produced. Above all, data drives the decisions that B2P makes about future projects, helping to continuously improve and develop relationships in a world where they believe isolation is the root cause of poverty.

Connection isn’t about the bridges it’s about the individual people who benefit from that connection. Feedback gathered from the surveys helps B2P better understand the inputs and outcomes of each bridge build.

SMS is flexible, it works around the world. How could your organization benefit others through SMS? Interested in another nonprofit client highlight? Read about Mogli’s work with other nonprofits on our blog!

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