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Case Study: Colorado Christian University

Two students, back to back, texting, on computers. Higher ed case study, Colorado Christian University.

In this higher ed case study, the focus will be on allowing technology work for the student. Technology should, after all, make the gathering and input of data easier. It should also add value to the student, not just the higher ed institution using text messaging.

Our use of technology increases each day and consequently students’ handwriting has become increasingly illegible. Thus, less emphasis is  now put on handwritten work. We now rely on our use of technology to gather information. By simplifying the data gathering process, Colorado Christian University was able to improve their inquiry card process.

SMS Higher Ed Case Study: Colorado Christian University

SMS Higher Ed Case Study: Colorado Christian University
Example of the inquiry card CCU used to hand out to potential students.

At recruiting events with potential students, Colorado Christian University would pass out inquiry cards, asking students for their contact information. In return, students would write their information down on the card and return it. Afterwards, it was up to CCU to manually input the information into Salesforce. Even though students were genuinely interested in CCU, putting handwritten information into Salesforce was often difficult to translate from the cards.

CCU decided to replace handwritten interest cards with Mogli SMS. Now, using Mogli SMS, students now text their information straight to CCU’s Salesforce org. By doing this, students are creating their own contact records inside of CCU’s Salesforce org. This saves time and reduces the headaches caused by illegible handwriting and the manual input of contact records. Now, Colorado Christian University is able to gather potential students’ data in a less manual, more accurate way.

By having students text in their information, CCU can also reach back out to students via text message. Now, they can send important reminders about registration deadlines, campus events, or other recruiting activities. Text messaging is also a great medium for CCU recruiters to answer questions for potential students. Using the technology to add value to a student’s experience is what Colorado Christian University is able to do with text messaging.

The automatic creation of contacts and leads in Salesforce is just one way Mogli SMS can take advantage of being a native Salesforce app. From the automatic gathering of first and last names, emails, text messaging opt-in, event registration, or case creation are examples that our clients gather into Salesforce using Mogli SMS capabilities.

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Here at Mogli SMS we are proud of the many ways our clients use our app. Because Mogli SMS is a native app, our clients are coming up with new functionalities and uses for SMS in their work.

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