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The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Helping Improve Lives in Honduras

Children in Honduras carrying wood. Proyecto Mirador Honduras

Since 2011, Proyecto Mirador has partnered with Mogli Technologies to move from a paper based systems to using a highly innovate, scalable non-profit bending technology to solve complex problems in Honduras. Together Proyecto Mirador and Mogli are doing everything from keeping staff safe, reducing carbon emissions, and helping improve the environment, health and lives of families using their stoves.  According to the World Bank, 68.5% of Hondurans live in poverty, on average incomes of less than $3.80 per day. One of the main obstacles to poverty reduction and sustainable development in Honduras is violence.  As of 2014 data, Honduras is one of the most dangerous places to live in the world with 75 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. With this in mind, aligning appropriate technologies takes on new meaning…

The Story:

Families spend hours of their time each week gathering wood for their open-fire cookstoves. They often walk long distances and clear wood from an already endangered rainforest. Not only is this detrimental for the environment, but open fire cooking leads to high amounts of indoor air pollution. Due to open fire cooking, respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are prevalent in women and children in Honduras. This is where Proyecto Mirador steps in with their stove program, Dos por Tres, Honduran slang for “double-time.”


Proyecto Mirador. Honduran woman carrying wood for her traditional cookstove

By implementing a fuel-efficient stove into Honduran homes, Proyecto Mirador is improving the health of the locals, while preserving endangered rainforests. Using the Dos por Tres stove saves a minimum of 60 pounds of wood each week per family versus a traditional open fire cook space, reducing carbon emissions by up to 15 tons per year. However, there are over 170,000 stoves already in place all over Honduras. An organized communication system is required to make sure all the stoves are properly functioning and in good working condition. This is where Mogli SMS really shines.

Technology in Use:

Mogli Technologies implemented and orchestrated a mix of exciting and powerful tools for Proyecto Mirador. Salesforce Sales Cloud with donation and discount from the donation program, Einstein Vision Artificial Intelligence, TaroWorks, Mogli SMS, Salesforce Process Builders and One Apex Class.Proyecto Mirador stovepipe.Proyecto Mirador Honduras. Artificial Intelligence, Einstein


Customer service:

Without sending a field agent, stoves can be installed, maintained, and monitored remotely by the Proyecto Mirador team. Nearly every family in Honduras has access to a cell phone. This means Proyecto Mirador can send automated messages to when a stove needs cleaned or repaired. Proyecto Mirador. Artificial Intelligence, Einstein in use in Honduras

Not only does this help improve the lifetime of the stove, it keeps the beneficiaries informed. Families can also text back, in case they have questions about their Dos por Tres. Every field agent has access to the database, where they can easily acquire information about a stove’s condition on-demand. But most importantly, MogliSMS has allowed Proyecto Mirador to  help more families in Honduras. As a result, there’s even an ongoing waiting list for families who want the new stoves in their homes.

Mogli Technologies strives to connect clients and customers from all over the world every day with Strategy & Technology to do more of what matters®. By combining the power of Salesforce with the intelligent versatility of MogliSMS, Mogli Technologies can reach stakeholders and companies around the world in a matter of seconds. MogliSMS is a communications application that utilizes Salesforce to allow companies to communicate via SMS. Proyecto Mirador uses MogliSMS to help staff and stove owners thrive in a complex and challenging environment.

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