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Case Study: Trinity Western University

Higher ed case study: TWU, student walking and texting

Before diving into this case study, a quick note about Mogli SMS. Mogli SMS is a native Salesforce app, which has large implications. Most importantly to note, Mogli SMS runs entirely inside of Salesforce. Because Mogli SMS functions directly inside of Salesforce, anything is possible.

We often recommend to our clients not to text out clickable survey links over text message. Why? Response rates are extremely low. Knowing this, let’s take a look at how one of our higher ed client case studies to see how they used Mogli SMS to improve student survey completions.

SMS Higher Ed Case Study: Trinity Western University

Trinity Western University has used Mogli SMS to invite potential students to connect with them. During a concert tour that TWU sponsored, attendees were invited to text in if they were interested in learning more about the university. At intermission, a keyword displayed on the main screen. Potential students in the audience saw the message to text in the keyword to the phone number displayed if they had interest in learning more about TWU. Instead of sending these potential students a link to fill out, TWU simply took the students through a survey.

TWU was able to use Mogli SMS functionality to carry out the automated survey. They answered a short series of questions via text that asked them for their contact information. Questions inquiring about their first name, email address, and potential interest in TWU were texted to the students.

Gathering this information was easy because, with each response, potential students filled in their own contact record in Salesforce. By using Mogli SMS in this way, TWU was then able to reach out to students who displayed interest.

Prior to using Mogli SMS’ survey functionality, TWU had sent out clickable links, inviting potential students to fill out a contact form online. Not a single person completed the form.

“I recommend Mogli’s Intelligent Texting to gather information about a prospect.  Almost every student finished the conversation via text as compared to 0% filling out a form from a link.” – Amy Alexander, Director of Enrollment Operations, Trinity Western University

After implementing Mogli SMS, 95% of people who texted in the keyword completed the SMS form. It is important to note that because Mogli SMS can use Salesforce functionality, a text can now be more than just a text. Reach out to us to learn more! We love to talk about how Mogli can transform your survey response rates!


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