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Mogli SMS and Higher Ed

SMS higher ed

     Here at Mogli SMS we are very proud of the work we accomplish with our higher education clients. By working with admissions counselors, recruitment officers, and outreach directors we’ve experienced the positive results text messaging can have.  Thanks to student responsiveness when it comes to text messages, our clients see open rates of 98% and response rates around 45%. Text messaging is a powerful tool with endless versatility. Considering about 81% of Americans use SMS to communicate every day, text messaging is the best way to reach current and potential students.

     The use of mobile phones has skyrocketed in the last decade. The capabilities and functions available on a mobile phone are right at our fingertips. Students prefer text messages over other forms of communication. A whopping 77% of students demand from colleges needful information via text message. Mogli SMS makes connecting with students on their level easier than ever. It is certainly noteworthy that approximately 50% of adults, aged 18–24, confirm that text dialogues are not less (if not more) meaningful to them as phone calls. With this sort of emphasis being placed on text messages, it only makes sense that our higher ed clients are experiencing great successes.

SMS Higher Ed Case Study: Trinity Western University

Trinity Western University has used Mogli SMS to invite potential students to connect with them. By inviting students to text in a keyword, TWU was able to use Mogli SMS to carry out an automated survey. Students answered a short series of questions via text that asked them for their information. Gathering this information was easy, because each student created their own contact record in Salesforce. Read more about TWU here!

SMS Higher Ed Case Study: Colorado Christian University

     Colorado Christian University replaced handwritten interest cards with Mogli SMS. Asking potential students to write their name and contact information on an interest card, CCU would then manually input that data in Salesforce after recruiting evens. Now, using Mogli SMS, students now text in their information straight to CCU’s Salesforce org. By doing this, students are creating their own contact records inside of CCU’s Salesforce org. This saves time and reduces the headaches caused by illegible handwriting and manual input of contact records. Read more about CCU here!
SMS higher ed. Student walking and texting. Try it yourself! Text STUDENT to (720)513-5553.

     Similarly, many of our higher ed customers use Mogli SMS to send out event reminders to students. They also utilize Mogli to send bulk event reminders, approaching deadlines, garner student feedback, create counselor connections, or deploy surveys. Others, like CCU, use it for the direct input of contact records into Salesforce. Mogli SMS is a native Salesforce app, meaning the possibilities for student outreach are truly endless.

     Higher ed institutions use Mogli SMS for 1:1 conversations, survey functionality, and bulk sends to students. Like all of our higher ed clients, CCU and TWU both utilize Mogli SMS to reach students on a level that is best for them. It’s good news that 59% of students confirm that a college can message them first. Admissions counselors, recruiters, and counselors should all be reaching out to students via text messaging.

     Knowing that the average adult picks up their phone three times an hour (Adam Alter, Irresistible) how can you afford to not send text messages to students?

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     Want more real-world case studies? Check out our other Client blog posts! If you’d like to learn more about Mogli SMS, check us out on the AppExchange. Discover how you can improve student communications and feedback with a quick demo. We love to share how SMS via Salesforce can transform the way you connect!

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