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Mogli SMS and Non-Profits

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“You get us.”  We hear this all the time from our social venture and non-profit partners, because Mogli SMS was originally built for domestic and global impact organizations.  Non-profits push the limits of convention and we have worked tenaciously to match their needs. Since 2011 and 160 projects around the globe, our goal has been to empower our non-profits with strategy and technology to do more of what matters. Our experience taught us to quickly understand and deploy appropriate technology within unique and challenging environments. So whether it’s about team efficiency or real time impact measurement, Mogli has your back.

We know you have choices when it comes to your messaging provider, so here are just a few reasons why we believe your non-profit will love working with the Mogli SMS team.

Why you should choose Mogli SMS

Simple, Transparent Pricing

  • We offer a significant discount for non-profits.  Schedule a 30 minute demo for details.
  • Don’t worry about the number of users in your organization.  Our site-wide license model allows any number of users in your organization to use Mogli SMS.
  • We offer full-featured packages (including messages) OR a la carte pricing.  Contact us to discuss the best option for your non-profit.

Free Messages

  • Non-profits will get 88,000 free messages through our partnership with

Native Salesforce App

  • Mogli SMS was built on Salesforce, for Salesforce, by Salesforce partners – it’s not just another clunky connector.
  • Mogli allows for quick, cost effective and scalable communication as well as the ability to orchestrate complex automations.

Global Coverage

  • With Mogli, we have solutions that can reach the people you serve ANYWHERE in the world where cell coverage exists.
  • We work with multiple gateways to ensure we provide the best coverage around the World.

Elegant Survey and Query Functionality

  • Our linear and branching survey functionality is second to none.  It’s easy to configure and has SO many use cases.  Create linear surveys that always follow the same message path or branching surveys that send specific messages based on the recipient’s responses.
  • We have functionality to allow anyone to interact with your organization using keyword messages.

Easy Installation

  • Customers can be sending messages in 30 minutes.
  • We offer free implementation.


Schedule a demo with us today.  We’d love to show you how Mogli SMS can help you expand your global reach at a fraction of the cost of paper surveys, calls and field visits.

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