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How Proyecto Mirador Uses Mogli SMS to Promote Clean Cookstoves in Honduras.

It’s not just a text message….it’s healthy lungs for women and children. It’s reaching net-zero carbon emissions. It’s safety for Proyecto Mirador staff members. It’s a 50% reduction in carbon emissions and deforestation.

With Mogli SMS, it’s so much more than just a text message.

What is Proyecto Mirador?

Over 3 billion people around the world, roughly 40% of the world’s population, still cook over an open fire.  The impacts to family health, carbon emissions and deforestation are enormous.  According to the World Health Organization, “4.3 million people a year die prematurely from illness attributable to the household air pollution caused by the inefficient use of solid fuels for cooking.”

Since its first stove in 2004, Proyecto Mirador has worked with families in rural Honduras to bring clean cookstove technology to some of the poorest and most remote people in the world.  Each ‘Dos por Tres’ cookstove uses half the wood of traditional cookstoves, significantly reduces soot particles inside the home and cuts CO2 emissions by nearly 15 tonnes over the 5-year useful life of the stove.  

The cookstoves are primarily financed through the sale of carbon offsets.  Proyecto Mirador donates the custom, locally manufactured parts to build the stove, while each beneficiary co-invests their time and a few inexpensive materials to the stove’s construction.  Proyecto Mirador has learned from experience that if a family co-finances a stove they will take pride in ownership and maintenance.  Each of the ~130,000 stoves in place today were partially paid for by the benefiting family.  

How Proyecto Mirador uses Mogli SMS

Proyecto Mirador serves ‘the poorest of the poor’ in some of the most remote and violent areas of Honduras.  These families typically live in crude, one-room houses and many do not have access to electricity, running water or sewage infrastructure.  However, as surprising as it may seem, most families have at least one cell phone with text messaging services.  When necessary, the families travel to nearby towns and villages to charge their phone.  

As Proyecto Mirador grew, they found that deploying field staff, vehicles and high tech equipment to communicate with clients and service cookstoves became increasingly expensive, inefficient and dangerous.  In an effort to ease some of this burden, Proyecto Mirador began their search for a safer and more scalable solution. They found much more than that in Tact and Mogli SMS.  

Stevan Simich, Founder and CEO of Tact, explains that “The foundations of Mogli SMS are in sending and receiving individual and bulk text messages from a native Salesforce app to almost anywhere in the world.”  But he goes on to state that “the real power of a text message is in the opportunity to connect with clients and field staff using the survey and inbound keyword functionality.” 

Proyecto Mirador chose Tact and Mogli SMS to help transform their communication and operations strategy using SMS as the primary means of communication.  Now, not only do they use Mogli SMS to send outbound drip campaigns, maintenance tips and safety information to clients, they also use it internally to register and activate cookstoves, obtain feedback and auto-create support cases in Salesforce when maintenance is required.

Mogli SMS is now an integral part of Proyecto Mirador’s communication strategy.  But it’s not just an outbound text message.  It provides information on how to maintain and service the stove.  It enables client feedback in the form of text message surveys.  Mogli SMS allows reporting in Salesforce on who owns a stove, when it was built and how well it’s working for the family.  

And, perhaps most importantly, it enables simultaneous communication with thousands of clients in some of the most violent and remote areas of Honduras without putting field staff in harm’s way.  

Congrats to Proyecto Mirador and, the multi-billion dollar CRM behemoth, recently partnered with Proyecto Mirador to purchase carbon credits and become a carbon-neutral, zero-emissions cloud provider.  Each credit purchased represents the removal or avoidance of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere due to the use of Proyecto Mirador cookstoves.  

We are absolutely thrilled that has chosen to invest in reducing CO2 emissions by partnering with Proyecto Mirador.  And we are honored to have been Proyecto Mirador’s Salesforce Technology Partner and SMS Application Provider in their quest to provide clean cookstove technology to so many families.

Visit Mogli SMS on the Salesforce AppExchange and schedule a free strategy session to learn how your organization can improve communication and feedback.


Proyecto Mirador

Since 2004, Proyecto Mirador has built and placed over 130,000 clean cookstoves to some of the poorest and remote families in Honduras.  Mirador’s “Dos por Tres” cookstove reduces wood consumption and CO2 emissions by nearly 50%, and provides a much healthier cooking environment for families.


Tact works with Global Impact Organizations to build cost-effective, scalable, secure technology solutions so that organizations can do more of what really matters.  Tact understands the Impact sector, and the unique operational and cultural challenges that each organization faces when trying to drive, track, measure and verify change. We are a partner in your success.

Mogli SMS is a native text messaging app that can expand your global reach in real time at a fraction of the cost of paper surveys, calls and field visits. Send bulk text messages and SMS surveys to Contacts/Leads with a cost-effective, unlimited user license.

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