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How the Center for Employment Opportunities Uses Mogli SMS and Twilio to Prevent Program Drop Off

To Nate Mandel, Program Innovation Analyst at the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), it’s not just a text message – it’s “an intervention”.  CEO’s mission is to ‘provide immediate, effective and comprehensive employment services to men and women with recent criminal convictions’.  During the past decade, CEO has utilized its highly structured and supervised programs to place over 25,000 formerly incarcerated individuals into full-time jobs.

Brad Dudding, Chief Operating Officer at CEO, recognizes CEO’s strength is in its ability to track participant data and manage to outcomes in Salesforce. On the other hand, their weakness was failure to identify a way to systematically obtain and record participant feedback.  In 2015, Dudding found Mogli SMS, a native Salesforce text messaging and survey app, and’s promotion for nonprofits to obtain $500 of free text messaging services and a 25% discount thereafter.  CEO now has a scalable solution for outreach, survey, and feedback elicitation….all tracked within’s powerful collaboration and reporting structure.

“Yes, a text message can help lead to a job or a course correction’ Mandel says, ‘but it’s also a quality assurance mechanism that lets us reach people in a different way and understand their needs.”

Prior to their use of Mogli SMS and Twilio, CEO used paper-based surveys. These were slow and often did not get back to program managers in time to help participants in distress. Luis Fonseca, CEO program participant, was an early success story of the new communication system.

Luis gave a low score on one of CEO’s text message surveys sent via Mogli SMS. This then prompted CEO staff to personally respond to him. “I like the fact that you reached out.” said Fonseca, “It settled in my mind that these people care. Let’s keep giving them a chance.”

Take a look at the video of Luis Fonseca talking about his experience with CEO, and see why text messaging can be such a powerful communication tool in the impact sector.



CEO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For more than 30 years, CEO’s goal has been to provide immediate, comprehensive and effective employment services for men and women returning from incarceration.CEO is committed to serving the most at-risk populations. We place an emphasis on providing services to Young Adults ages 18-25—a population who frequently has limited work experience and faces particularly strong barriers to entering the workforce.

Tact/Mogli SMS

Tact works with Global Impact Organizations to build cost-effective, scalable, secure technology solutions. They enable organizations can do more of what really matters.  Tact understands the Impact sector. As well as the unique operational and cultural challenges that each organization faces when trying to drive, track, measure and verify change. We are a partner in your success.

Mogli SMS is a native text messaging app that can expand your global reach in real time at a fraction of the cost of paper surveys, calls and field visits. Send bulk text messages and SMS surveys to Contacts/Leads with a cost-effective, unlimited user license. donates and discounts Twilio products and enables nonprofits to utilize these technologies to help engage their audience, expand their reach and focus on making a real change in the world. The organization hopes to create impact by empowering the people who are building a better future for all of us.

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