Announcing Mogli SMS Version 4

Announcing Mogli SMS Version 4 We are very excited to announce the release of Mogli SMS Version 4 to our clients! This version of our app includes: NEW FEATURES Now supporting SMS from all Standard and Custom Objects – Previously, we supported sending strictly from the Contact and Lead objects. Now, you’ll be able to send from any other Standard or Custom Objects in Salesforce! This includes 1:1 conversations, bulk messages, and surveys. Communities – Community users can now also utilize Mogli SMS! Person Accounts – Connect with text on Person Accounts with Mogli SMS! Available with 1:1, bulk messages, and surveys. WhatsApp functionality – We’ve leveraged WhatsApp […]

Mogli SMS Ignite Session Rap

At the 2019 Partner Summit in San Diego, California, Mogli rocked the Ignite Session. Malorie Leogrande, CSM (on rap) and Rob Blatchley, VP of Product (on slides) take 5 minutes to share how Mogli SMS makes a great partner. Be sure to check out the video recording of the rap, and feel free to rap along. Mogli SMS Ignite Session Rap Mogli SMS Ignite Session Rap Lyrics Now this is a story all about how I came to stand right where I am now Got T-minus 5 to profess – I’ll tell you how I became a part of the […]

Group of 5 people texting, casually on their cell phones. Add value with SMS.

How to Add Value with SMS

In a previous post, we listed our Top 5 Tips for Successful SMS Communication. One of those recommendations was to add value to the customer. But what does this look like? According to Webster, value can be defined as “a fair return or equivalent of goods, services, or money for something exchanged.” In exchange for a customer trusting you with their personal phone number, they are expecting something fair in return. Read on for some real world examples on how to add value with SMS messages. Last Minute Parking Update A last minute venue change usually meant a sign hung […]

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