What is Mogli SMS?


Send and receive text messages to/from all of your Salesforce Contacts/Leads.  Schedule and send 2-way, bulk messages with SMS Templates and Campaigns. All messages are neatly stored within the Contact and Lead records for easy reporting.


Create and launch linear (simple) and branching (complex) SMS surveys. All responses are intuitively linked to your Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Campaigns.

Keyword Queries

Anyone can interact directly with Mogli SMS by sending a keyword text to a designated number.  Mogli can auto-respond with self-service info, education, statements or other support information.


Use workflow, process builder and triggers to automate notifications, lead nurturing and client relationships.

Global Coverage

Mogli works with many different messaging gateways to ensure you get the best price and your messages reach your intended audience no matter where they are in the world.

Cost Savings

All features are included in a cost-effective, unlimited-user license.  Unlike our competitors, you’ll get every feature no matter which plan you choose.

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Native App

Built for Salesforce. Not another clunky connector.

Unlimited Users

No restrictions on the number of Mogli users in your org.


Users are notified automatically when a new message arrives.

Bring Your Own Number

Text-enable your existing landline phone number.


Anyone can send a keyword text message to Mogli and trigger an auto-response.

Conversation View

Real-time 1 on 1 conversations directly from Salesforce.

Intelligent Routing

Automated routing of SMS traffic to improve throughput for bulk sends without buying a shortcode.


Use automated conversations (chatbot) for lead qualification and customer self-service.

Bulk Messaging

Send thousands of messages with just a few clicks.

Linear and Branching Surveys

Easy creation of simple or complex surveys.

SMS Templates

Create templates to easily add message text and start surveys.

Auto-create Contacts and Leads

Contacts and Leads can be automatically created when they text keywords.

Merge Fields

Send customized messages based on your contact/lead attributes.

Toll Free Numbers

Bring your own or we’ll provide one.

Long and Short Codes

Let us know what you need and we’ll customize a solution for your organization.

Historical View

See every incoming and outgoing message.


Use triggers, workflows and process builder to create your own automations. We even provide a few to get you started.

Auto Opt-out

We’ll help you configure an auto opt-out process. It’s easy!

Unlimited Contacts

Send to any or all of your contacts. We don’t limit who you can send to.


Mogli’s survey function saved us hours of time, because all data goes directly into Salesforce!


Mogli is a 5-star team, ready and able to assist us with SMS.  The relationship they’re able to help develop will change the way the mortgage industry connects with borrowers.



I considered hiring developers to build SMS functionality , but I’m so glad we went with Mogli.  The product does everything we need it to, and the support we’ve received has been excellent. They’re always very responsive and work quickly to fulfill requests.



The Mogli team is responsive and helpful whether the issue is on our end or theirs. Their focus on nonprofits is a huge plus. They speak nonprofit-ese!



Mogli is innovative, easy to use, and no other SMS app can touch its intelligent conversation and survey features.



We looked at every app on the app exchange that offered text messages and Mogli is the one that came out on top.



The Mogli team was great from discovery to launch. The product is easy to setup, configure, and extend.



Our organization looked at virtually every SMS solution out there, but none came close to Mogli SMS.  I passionately recommend Mogli SMS, my favorite Salesforce connected app!


Tony Chicago Scholars

Mogli SMS is a well-designed, carefully proven and expertly supported app.  I highly recommend at every level.


Esther Proyecto Mirador

Mogli is a great tool that has helped us launch an entire feedback collection system and inspire an organizational culture change.


Nate Center for Employment Opportunities

A few of our clients